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Veteran Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories - 1907 (Part One of Two)

"Lucas" King of the Road Lamps -
Joseph Lucas Ltd, Great King Street, Birmingham 

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As an accompaniment to my 2014 Blog, "The London Motor Show - 1907", I am now featuring some fascinating adverts from "The Motor" magazine in my collection, being published on the 1st January 1907. This is Part One of a Two Part series, being themed as much as possible into their respective categories.

Lighting (Cont'd from above) :

"Bleriot" Lamps -
Weldhen and Bleriot, Long Acre, London

Accumulators / Batteries : 

"Crown" Accumulators -
Richford & Company, 52a High Holborn, London

"B.B.L. Accumulators" -
Brown Brothers Ltd, London

"The Ashtead Accumulator" -
Peto and Radford Ltd,
61 Chandos Street, London & Ashtead, Surrey 

"Hellesen" Dry Cell Batteries -
Hellesens, Copenhagen, Denmark 

Carbide / Acetylene :

"V.C. Carbide" -
The Monovo Company, Stewart's Lane, London

Dissolved Acetylene -
The Acetylene Illuminating Company Ltd,
268 South Lambeth Road, London

Mileage Recorder :

"Bowden" Patent Mileage Recorder  -
E.M. Bowden's Patents Syndicate Ltd,
29/31 Gray's Inn Road, London

Oil and Grease :

"Brito" Grease

"Brito" Map Oil
"Each can printed with a map
of England and part of Wales"

"Vacuum Mobiloil" -
Vacuum Oil Company Ltd.,
Norfolk Street, London

Antifreeze : 

"Bramco" Anti-Freezing Solution

Axles :

The "Speedwell" Axle -
The New Speedwell Motor Co. Ltd,
151 Knightsbridge, London

Gamage's Women's Motoring Clothing & Accessories, London :

Motor Rugs : The "Cecil" and
the "Enveloper"

The "Gwendolen"

The combined Muff-Hassock
and Tool-Box

"Everlasting Footwarmers"  and
"Insta Handwarmers"
Gamage's, 116-128 High Holborn, London

Silencers :

"Pratt's Patent Expansion Silencer" -
Pratt's, Dunkinfield

Brake and Clutch Parts :

Cork Inserts for Brakes and Clutches -
The British-American Company,
201a Widdrington Road, Coventry

Charging Plants : 

"The Crypto Dynamo" -
The Crypton Electrical Company,
155 & 157 Bermondsey Street, London

Charging Plant -
T.W. Thompson & Co,
28 Deptford Bridge, Greenwich 

Charging Plant-
Mason & Brown, Leicester 

The Water Powered "Turbinamo" -
The Service Company Ltd,
292-3 High Holborn, London

The Water Powered "Turbinamo'
Description of Operation 

Car Insurance :

"Lloyd's Motor Car Insurance"

Gearboxes :

"Phoenix Two-Speed Gear" -
Phoenix Motors Ltd,
Blundell Street, Caledonian Road, North London

Motor Turntables :

"Duco" Portable Turn-Table, London

Road Maps :

"The Motor" Strip Route Maps
(for main routes from London)
"The Motor", 7-15 Roseberey Avenue, London

Tyres :

"Continental Tyres" -
The Continental Tyre & Rubber Company Ltd.,
102-108 Clerkenwell Road, London

"Dunlop Tyres" -
Dunlop Tyres Ltd, London, Birmingham & Paris

"Palmer Cord Tyres" -
The Palmer Tyre Co.,
119, 121, 123 Shaftesbury Avenue, London

"Pullman Non-Skid Bands" -
Westbrook Mills, Godalming, Surrey

"Brooks Non-Skid Bands" -
J.B. Brooks & Co. Ltd., Birmingham

"Shaw's Bands" -
Shaw Motor Tread Co.,
135 Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham

"Peter Union Pneumatic Tyres" -
The Peter Union Tyre Co.,6 Upper Street, Martin's Lane, London 

You can read Part Two of this Blog by clicking Here.

These images have been published and may be freely copied but a link back to this page is however appreciated.

Bibliography :
  • "The Motor", 1907 (from my own collection)


  1. Perfect timing. I particularly love Gamage's Women's Motoring Clothing and Accessories - what every elegant car owner/wife had to be seen in, during an era when only the elite drove private cars.

    Thanks for the link
    French art nouveau architecture in London: Michelin House 1911

  2. Thank you Hels. I still wonder how satisfactory the women's clothing would have been in very wet, cold and windy conditions riding in these draughty and no doubt leaky vehicles - that's when they actually had tonneau covers. Folk back then were hardy souls though.


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