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Veteran Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories - 1907 (Part Two of Two)

"New Electric Horn" Amplifier, "Perfect Speed Indicator",
& "Strand Motor Timepiece" -
S. Smith & Son Ltd., 9 Strand, London  

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This is Part Two of an accompaniment to my recent Blog, "The London Motor Show - 1907", and features some fascinating adverts from "The Motor" magazine in my collection, being published on the 1st January 1907. All items featured are themed as much as possible into their respective categories. You can access Part One of this Blog by clicking Here.

Magnetos :

"Eisemann" Magneto -
United Motor Industries, Ltd,
45 & 46 Poland Street, London  

Coils :

"Marconi" Coils -
Marconi Wireless & Telegraph Co. Ltd,
Tyssen Street, Dalston, London

"Guenet Coils" -
Jules Guenet, 5 Rue de Montmorency,
Paris, France

"E.I.C. Dashboard Type Coil"

Miscellaneous Electrical :

"Prested Ignition", "The Prested Coil",
& "The Prested Battery" -
The Prested Miners' Gas Indicating
Electric Lamp Co. Ltd.,
Elthorne Road, Holloway, London

Tyre Gaiters (On-Road Tyre Protectors) :

"The Duco" Tyre Gaiter, London

"The Pegasus Non-Skid
& Motor Tyre Protector
" -
Middlemore & Lamplugh Ltd,
Holloway Head, Birmingham

Wallworks Patent Non-Skid
& Re-Treading Covers -
Henry Wallwork & Co. Ltd,
Roger Street, Manchester

Motor Repair Lathes :

"New Self-Acting, Sliding, Boring,
and Screw-Cutting Lathe
" -
Drummond Brothers Ltd., Ryde's Hill Works,
Broad Street, near Guildford

Men's Motoring Clothing, London :

"The Shaftsbury"
Tweed or Frieze Coat -
Gamage's, London

"Motura" Coat -
Gamage's, London

Motor Gauntlet Gloves -
Gamage's, London

Chaffeurs' Black
Leather Jackets

Petrol Fillers and Guages :

"The Davison Dash-Filler, Strainer and Petrol Gauge" -
A.C. Davison, 12a Pleasant Row,
High Street, Camden Town, London

Tyre Pressure Guages :

"T & M Tyre Tester" -
Gauthier & Company,
60 Great Marlborough Street, London

The "Duco" Tyre Tester,

Motor Sheds & Houses :

Arthur Rayner Ltd, Stoke Road, Slough

Moyse & Company,
Galleywood, Chelmsford

Motor Dashboard Clocks :

The "Regal" Bull's Eye Motor Clock

Spark Plugs :

"E.I.C." Sparkplugs -
E.I.C., Sparkbrook, Birmingham  

"A.V. Magnet Plug"
The French Motor Accessories Co. Ltd,
101 Gray's Inn Road, London

The "Brown" High Tension
Magneto Sparking Plug

Tyre Pumps and Inflators :

Triple Compression
Motor-Tyre Pump

"Parsons Sparklet Inflators" -
The Parson's Non-Skid Co. Ltd.,
175a Manor Street, Clapham, London

Tyre Vulcanisers :

"Stitch-In Time" Vulcaniser -
W. Galloway & Co.,
Stanley Car Agency, Gateshead

"The Vultyre" Vulcaniser -
The Motor Patents Ltd., 110 Cannon Street, London

Motor Manuals :

"The Motor Manual" -
T.P. Ltd

Miscellaneous Manufacturing Firms :

"Beacon" Head Light,
Motor Watches &
"The Peerless Jack"
Benetfink & Co. Ltd -
107 & 108 Cheapside,

Grinding Machines & Electric Horns -
G.T. Ritchie & Co., 19 Store Street, London

These images have been published and may be freely copied but a link back to this page is however appreciated.

Bibliography :
  • "The Motor", 1907 (from my own collection)

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