Sunday, 16 December 2012

Summer Holidays

Vintage New Zealand Holiday Poster,
circa 1940
[Source Internet]

I will now be taking a well-deserved break over the summer holiday season and will hopefully come back refreshed and inspired with more ideas to write about into 2013.

Vintage New Zealand Holiday Poster,
circa 1940
[Source : Internet]

As a bit of background, I had only just joined Blogger in 2011 when I was diagnosed with Leukaemia (AML) which then necessitated an enforced 17 week total stay in hospital and four gruelling rounds of chemotherapy.

"On Holiday"
-  an anthropomorphic Edwardian postcard from my own collection

I have since made good progress and the word defeat was never in my vocabulary. Adversity has however changed my outlook on life, my priorities and how I view the world. It has also emphasized how little control we have over our lives and the stress that others impose on us. Blogging has however proved extremely therapeutic in my recovery.

Dunedin Harbour and Peninsula, taken 16 Dec 2012

I do not work now (my choice) and balance my life between somewhat academic pursuits such as blogging and especially genealogy research; leisure and exercise, and particularly walking, and have now dusted off my trusty mountain bike and road cycle. Recreational road cycling has always been my passion and I have made a real effort to regain my full level of fitness to again do battle with Dunedin's hills as these two photos taken just this morning show.

"The Junction", North East Valley, Dunedin 16 Dec 2012

So, as we again approach Christmas I sincerely thank all those readers who have read my peripatetic wanderings. I have also greatly enjoyed reading those blogs that I subscribe to. As I look back on 2012 "Victory" does seem to have a special relevance for me. 

Taken at "Victory Beach", Dunedin. Dec 2012
(Photo Credit : S. Carroll)

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  1. Well done! I am so glad blogging was theraputic. Long may it last.

    I am glad you started the photos with the train posters. One of my sons accompanied me on a very special train trip which I wrote up in Trains, whales, wines and wild New Zealand scenery. Thanks for the link.


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