Thursday, 2 February 2012

Holiday Preparations

Robert Cochrane (at left) with a Triumph Motorcycle and Ainslie Cochrane
 with the family Humber car. Taken at Heddon Bush, Southland,
 New Zealand, circa 1916

As we all know full well there are innumerable small tasks to complete before one can head off on holiday.

...The car has to be greased and tyre pressures checked.

"Vacuum Mobiloil" advertisement, 1907

...The engine oil has to be topped up.

"Big Tree" Motor Spirit advertising blotter, c.1920's-1930's.

...The car has to be filled with Motor Spirit.

"Lucas King of the Road" carbide lamp advertisement, 1907

...The carbide lamps have to be cleaned and checked.

"V.C. Carbide" advertisement, 1907

...A fresh supply of carbide has to be bought.

The "Turbinamo" battery charger powered from a water tap by means
of a Pelton wheel turbine, 1907

...The battery has to be charged.

The "Pegasus" Tyre Protectors, 1907

...Tyre protectors need to be purchased for driving on rough roads.

"The Vultyre" tyre vulcaniser advertisement, 1907

...A Vulcaniser needs to be carried so that any punctures can be mended "on the road".

NZ Government Tourism Depart brochures
and maps printed in 1888

...The latest New Zealand Government Tourist Department guides have to be obtained.

South Island Motorist's Guide with maps of routes, 1928

...The latest road guide book together with maps has to be purchased.

Robert Cochrane's Vauxhall car about to be "ferried" across the Bealey River
 near Arthur's Pass in Canterbury by three draught horses. Taken before the
river bridge was built, circa late 1930's - 1940's.

...The river crossings have to be booked.

Instructions for "trucking" cars on New Zealand
Government Railway  wagons  to be hauled by
electric train through the Otira Tunnel under
 the Southern Alps, 1928

...The car has to be booked with New Zealand Government Railways to be taken through the railway tunnel under the Southern Alps.

"Inter Island Ferry Service" advertisement, 1928

...The car has to be booked on the Inter-Island ferry.

The Cochrane and Horner families camping at Cascade Creek, circa 1930's

...The camping tents, trunks, utensils, cooking apparatus and food have to be packed.

"The Hermitage", Mount Cook advertisement, 1928

...And finally, any accommodation has to be booked.

It might be a relief to get away ;-)

Some more interesting and varied historical posts coming over the next few weeks, stayed posted!

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