Saturday, 23 June 2018

A Technicolour World

After recently undergoing the first of two operations to correct my eyesight, having developed 'aggressive cataracts' as a latent result of major medical intervention three years ago, I am now living in a 'technicolour world'. No more washed out colours, black appearing as light grey, and no more looking into a perpetual mist. While my second eye is yet to be operated on it is quite amazing how one dominant eye can compensate for the other. 

So, to celebrate the return of normal eyesight I am featuring a series of colourful watercolours, having been painted by my late mother in the years after 1943 when she became a widow after only two years of marriage and in 1946 when she lost her eldest daughter. While these would not hang in the Salons of Europe they are special to me in that they illustrate how my Mother sought to channel her grief in a positive manner.  

Future Blogs hereafter may still be intermittent depending on inspiration and other projects I am working on, particularly family history.    

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